Many games can be played online. One of the many games that individuals can play is the Falling Sand game. The Falling sand game,sand game review shows that this is a great game for the individuals that choose to play.

This is a fast and interesting game that allows users to catch falling particles of sand and create interesting geometric shapes from the falling sand streams.It is part microsoft paint and part intrigue. it is a good game to play and one that allows you to experience a great deal of creativity as you are manipulating the sand streams and filling up the blank spaces with sand and shapes.

Falling Sand is also known as World of Sand and it is a free java applet. It was orginally found on a dolfi blog site and later moved to a hosting site by Chirag Metra. This game is one that has been discussed and commented on by digg and delicious. As mentioned, it involved 4 falling sand streams. These are known as sand, water, salt and oil. There are also special manipulators involved that allow you to capture the sand. Advanced versions of the game allow burning, eroding, growing dessicating and other options.
The other special properties of the game are fire, plant cera, eraser and wax. By using these elements those modeling the sand can build some very complicated creations. There are additional features that can be turned on and off in this game. A review of this game shows that it is really fun, unique and innovative for the casual gamer who likes an element of challenge in their game. There are no cons to the basic games, but learning how the advanced elements work, can be a bit challenging. The game is visually stimulating however, no matter how you choose to play, and free is always nice.